Bird Needs

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Birds make for fantastic pets; miniature dinosaur-relations that you can keep in your living room and delight in for many years. To ensure you’re fully stocked and ready to provide a home to these feathered wonders, below, we’ve put together a list of essential products all bird owners should own.

Living space

The most common option for bird owners is a cage, which needs to be an appropriate size for the bird in question. There are thousands of different cage types on the market, ranging from basic options to luxury mini-homes, so you’re sure to find an option that suits both your bird and your budget. It’s also worth noting the need to ensure your chosen cage has adequate perching space; ideally, look for a cage that has built-in perches, as these tend to be more sturdy than add-on options.

Cage bedding

As well as the cage itself, you will also need to purchase appropriate bedding for the base of the cage. There are many different types of bedding available, some of which boast advantages such as improved odor control or less dust, so it’s worth trying a range of different choices to see which works best for you.

Food and water

The type of food you feed your pet bird will depend entirely on the species of bird; parrots, for example, eat a very different diet to canaries. As a result, a little background research is required to ensure you are able to provide a menu that covers all the nutritional requirements of your pet. In addition to standard meals, you may also want to provide grain, seeds, millets, or pecking stones; these help to supplement the standard diet in order to provide additional nutritional benefits.

You will also need to provide a water source in your bird’s cage; a specifically-designed bottle latched onto the cage itself is the best choice for this.


Birds need toys in their cage in order to entertain themselves during time spent alone, as well as provide opportunities for exercise. Ladders, for example, are a great choice that keeps your bird active, while mirrors and bells will deliver hours of entertainment. Try to invest in a few entertainment options, but don’t go overboard – you don’t want to pile too many items into the enclosure and restrict your pet’s living space as a result.

Night covers

It is thought that placing a cover over the cage at night helps birds to feel more comfortable, secure, and warm. It’s well worth investing in a suitable cage cover for these reasons, taking care to ensure the cover fits around the cage loosely to allow for proper air flow.

In conclusion

Whether you opt for a large, talkative parrot or a silent, delicate finch, there’s no denying birds make for truly wonderful pets. By choosing to invest in the products above, you can be sure to be able to create a fantastic home environment that guarantees your bird will be as happy, healthy, and extremely well provided for.