Fish Needs

fish swimming

Low maintenance, low hassle, and low cost – given these facts, it’s no surprise that fish remain one of the most popular pet choices. While the options for fish products are more limited than for species such as cats and dogs, there’s still plenty to choose from, and we’ve showcased the most important below.


The first consideration for any fish owner is to find the right food – and you may be surprised at the sheer variety available. If you’re confused by all the different options, spend a little time reading the nutritional advice on the product packaging or in the website description; many types of food are formulated specifically for individual breeds, so a little research can ensure you are able to find the exact nutrients your fish requires.

A fish tank

If your fish live outdoors in a pond, then you can skip this step – however, most fish kept as pets are kept indoors, which means they need a tank to accommodate them. The exact size of tank depends on the breed and number of fish you are keeping; if you’re not sure, ask a sales assistant or follow an online recommendation. Generally, it’s assumed that bigger is better when it comes to fish tanks, though you’ll obviously need to ensure you have adequate space in your home to manage larger sized options.

Air pumps, filters, and heaters

Air pumps are needed to oxygenate the water in a tank, and are an essential purchase in order to keep your fish in the best possible health. When buying an air pump, ensure it is of sufficient size for your tank. In addition, you should also look for a filter; these products are designed to ensure the water is clean and safe at all times, which in turn helps to keep your fish in the best possible health. Finally, some species of fish will need the tank; if this is the case for your fish, then a combination filter and heater is definitely worth considering.


Aquascaping is the term used to describe plants that can be used in fish tanks. These plants are a great choice both for their benefits to water health and also as a form of decoration.


Lighting is essential for life, making it an essential choice both for the health of your fish and for any plants you have placed in the tank. The one thing to be cautious of when buying tank lighting is brightness; if the light is too bright, then you may see overgrowth of algae, so make sure you monitor the health of the tank when you first install lighting.

Decorative accessories

Many fish owners like to include decorative bowl or tank accessories, such as stones, castles, mirrors, and whimsical items like faux coral. While it’s inadvisable to fill a bowl with these items, decorative ornaments can add a lot of fun for both your fish and you, so they’re well worth including.

In conclusion

By considering the options above, you should be able to ensure that your fish are in the best of health at all times – and you’ll be able to enjoy admiring your beautifully-designed tank space, too!