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Reptile and amphibian Needs

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While cats and dogs may be seen as the ‘classic’ pets, many people prefer the more exotic and unusual world of reptiles and amphibians. If you decide to take a walk on the unusual side with your choice of pet, here’s a few products that you may want to consider…

The appropriate living space

Amphibians and reptiles thrive in tanks or vivariums, and these options are a great choice for you too – the enclosed space ensures you can see your pet, while also being able to perfectly control their environment. You will, of course, need to purchase a tank or vivarium that is an appropriate size for your chosen pet type, as well as ensuring you have space for any necessities your pet may require – for example, it is advised that terrapins have access to an area to bask in, and another to bathe in.

It’s also advisable to line your tank or vivarium with substrates for extra comfort and hygiene. The exact substrate you choose depends on the species in question, so again, research is required in order to ascertain what would be most suitable.

In addition to the enclosure itself, you will also need to factor in considerations for additional lighting and heating equipment. As reptiles and amphibians are cold-blooded, they require extra help in this regard, which owners are able to provide through the use of dedicated lamps and heaters.

As with their living space, your choice of lighting and heating depends entirely on the species you have chosen; some require more heat, while others can manage with less. It’s therefore important to research your pet’s specific needs beforehand, and then source and supply suitable heating and lighting equipment in turn.

Plants and accessories

While reptiles and amphibians do not play with toys the way a cat or dog does, there are still a number of products available that can help to enhance happiness and well-being – options such as hideouts, caves, branches all work well in this regard. In addition, many owners like to introduce living plants and foliage; these help with air quality, as well as helping to ensure the tank or vivarium feels as natural as possible.

Species-appropriate food and water

All reptiles and amphibians will need a water source in their enclosure, be this via a bottle or a bowl – the choice very much depends on the type of animal you have. In addition, you will need to research the perfect diet for your chosen pet and ensure they have adequate supplies as and when required. It is worth noting that – unlike other types of pets – some reptiles and amphibians do not need to be fed daily, so keep this in mind when scheduling your care commitments.

Feeding accessories

There is a number of feeding accessories that are particularly helpful for the care of reptiles and amphibians, including feeding tongs and food dishes. While these are not necessarily essential, they can help to simplify the feeding process as much as possible.

In conclusion

Reptiles and amphibians may be seen as unusual pets, but with the products above, you should be more than able to provide a wonderful home environment that your pet truly loves.